Composer and author Kostas Milonas was born in Piraeus, Greece, where he spent most of his childhood years. He studied music at the "Greek Conservatory" from where he graduated with full marks.

As a composer he has worked on almost all styles of music: music for the theater, for the cinema, music for piano, for guitar, chamber music, music for orchestra, song cycles as well as a lot of songs based on poems by famous Greek poets. In the theater he collaborated with main theatrical companies in Greece and with various amateur troupes that occasionally put on plays in Athens as well as other Greek cities. In the cinema, he wrote the music for six films, some which were awarded in international festivals. His presence in the music industry has always been particularly remarkable. More than 100 songs based on Greek poetry bear his name. Some of his works are included in three LPs and eight CDs. He gave many concerts throughout Greece and his works were repeatedly performed on television and radio broadcasts.

Milonas is the author of eight (8) books: "History of Greek Songs" in four (4) volumes. "Music and the Cinema", "Music in Greek Cinema", "Themes and Portraits" (Kedros publications) and "Landmarks in the History of Greek Music" (Nefeli publications). These editions comprise the first literary work treating these subjects. The importance of his literary contributions has been recognized by television, radio, and press, with the "History of Greek Songs" becoming a national best seller. His books are listed in instructive book index of the Greek universities. He frequently lectures at universities and other institutions on music, cinema, theater, poetry and literature.

Milonas has also appeared on television and radio broadcasts, and he has penned several articles for newspapers and music magazines. For six years he collaborated with the national radio network broadcasting on music affairs. His work, as composer and author, has received numerous awards, including the "Municipality of Athens" award and "Ithaca's Theatrical Festival" music award, and has gotten splendid reviews from the press, radio, and television.

As a pianist and author he has collaborated with the "National Orchestra of Athens", and some of his works are recorded with the participation of outstanding soloists, such as Dimitrios Kotronakis (guitar) and Natalia Michailidou (piano).

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"Tango no.1 (A Night in San Telmo)"
Athenaeum Guitar Trio, 2012.
Our Old House (2011)

Dimitris Kotronakis (guitar)
Panagiotis Lambropoulos (guitar)

Special guests:
Panagiotis Drakos (flute), Giorgos Mastrogiannopoulos (guitar)

Clear Note (USA)

Song of Songs (2010)

Takis Favios (voice)
Katerina Andreou (voice)
Kostas Milonas (piano)

Translation: Lefteris Papadopoulos

Music Mirror (Greece)

Songs Without Words (2010)

Natalia Michailidou (piano)

EMSE (Greece)

Cycle "200 Years of Greek Lyrical Song" (2009)

Vasia Zilou (voice)
Kostas Milonas (piano)
National Orchestra of Athens

Live Recording of the cycle's 5th concert,
that took place in the National Gallery in Athens, 10 February 2009.

Autumn Days (2006)

Spyros Christoglou (guitar)

Music Mirror (Greece)

Reminiscing (2004)

Marianna Tsika (piano)

Pop Eleven (Greece)

When Guitar Sings (2003)

Soloist: Giorgos Louskos (guitar)

Transcription - Arrangement: Kostas Milonas

Music: Milonas, Theodorakis, Zampetas,
Kontogeorgos, Spanos, Mamagkakis, Plessas

Avlos (Greece)

Then We Sang (1990)

Sofia Michailidou
Takis Favios
Vasia Zilou

Lyra - Zodiac (Greece)

I Fought With The Moon (1982)

A collection of folk songs from the 1960's.

Greek Music Festivals (2013)

Rania Kiriazi (voice)
Kostas Milonas (piano)

Live Recording of the cycle's 1th concert,
that took place in the Parnassos Literary Society in Athens,
12 March 2013.


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